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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
What about all the BS about taking things off the table? They've said every offer after that 82 game one was going to get worse...

They didn't leave room for negotiation. Last, best offer. Take it or leave it, the offers are only getting worse

This BS about dying on the 5 year limit hill is bs too, the NHL has overplayed their hand and are getting called on all this stuff.
The league never said that every offer would get worse. Bettman made one comment about worse offers and he said that when his clients reach a point where they've incurred too much damage, then that might be reflected in the offers getting worse. THAT is what he said.

The league has never called any of their offers take it or leave, that is how the PA described them. Why do you conveniently hold the PA's words as gospel? The reality is that both sides are spinning things in their favour and if you're open minded enough to listen without bias, you'll see that everything that comes out of either sides mouth is carefully crafted.

Daly didn't specify the 5 year limit, he said contract limit is a hill they will die on. Does that mean it has to be 5 years? No, does it mean that the league will push for a contract limit? Most likely. These guys are lawyers, everything they say is manipulated to a certain degree and they speak vaguely enough that they aren't technically lying. If you're only willing to listen to the way the PA characterizes things and if you're aren't willing to carefully analyze a lawyer's words, then you're probably someone who is easily fooled.

And for the record, the PA second last offer was said to be the best they could offer. In the PA's last offer, they gave up on delinkage if revenues go down, they accepted a term on contract length, they accepted some sort of variance to apply (all of these in principle they weren't able to offer the last time but can now?). Both sides are bluffing and it's only by your own convenience that you think one side is coming out on top.

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