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12-10-2012, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by avsfan89 View Post
For the love of all things holy DO NOT start over lol yeesh. I've worked so hard to build this team intelligently managing both my cap and roster, keeping its identity in tact.

Fuss, please just veto trades from now on after debating. but the rest of the trades these past few seasons haven't been that bad. The only questionable GM trades have been involving Edmonton. Everyone else is pretty good.

IN real life: Carter and Richards were traded, then Carter traded again. We are not that far apart from real life in a cap world. BOTH Evander Kane and Patty Kane are subject to multiple trade rumors. Rick Nash was traded for scraps. Bobby Ryan is likely to move, even Getzlaf. Louongo is moving for sure. Schenn and JVR moved. There are tons of stars moving in the real nhl. Of course ours might 'seem' drastic but we are 3 years ahead of real life. Jordan Staal is in Carolina this year, and we pretty much can say Marc Staal will be with the Hurricanes next year if not this year in real life.
So what you're telling me is that in 2 years (real years, not Bluth Years) only 4 superstar players have been traded. Carter, Richards, Staal and Nash. Schenn and JVR aren't franchise players. Luongo is the only other person on your list of people who are likely to be be traded. Even if i'm being generous and say that everyone you listed has been traded or has almost been traded, thats still only 5 Superstar players moved in 2 years. 5! Not 27. Its complete unrealistic and these rosters seem to be randomness based on GMs making either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid trades. This league was supposed to be about realism and maintaining identity and its very far from that.

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