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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Last point for now:

Let's stop calling the players physical privileges a "benefit".

If a genie popped out of bottle, and told me he could eliminate half my body fat, give me an additional 10 lbs of muscle, make me more flexible, at the expense of a severe concussion, I would say "no thank you, get the hell away from me please".

Professional athletes have all sorts of severe physiological and neurological damages throughout the latter half of their lives -- this is well-documented. Is that package deal a benefit once you include subsidized trainers? No.
Great, YOU would tell the genie "no". Obviously, there are plenty of people who would tell that Genie "yes". We know this because of the people who choose to take those physical risks in order to get a chance at the kind of money and lifestyle that the players who make the NHL get to live. Heck, I won't even try to include the millions of people who take those same risks regularly just to play the game for fun without any hope of any kind of financial compensation.

By the way, your analogy is quite incomplete and disingenuous. You should have written:

If a genie popped out of a bottle, and told me he could eliminate half my body fat, give me an additional 10 lbs of muscle, make me more flexible, and get me a career where I will make millions of dollars, live a terrific lifestyle where I am famous and get all of my amenities paid for, all the while playing a game I love and would play for free (actually paying for the ice time needed to play) at the expense of a severe concussion (at least one of which I have suffered while playing for fun), I would say "xxx".

Come on, at least make the comparison fair.

I have to say, if I had the talent to play in the NHL or the NFL, even knowing all I do about the dangers and risks associated with it, I would do it in a heartbeat. I already play sports for the sheer love of the game right now and have suffered multiple injuries throughout my lifetime having done so. To be able to play for one of the best teams in the world, hopefully my favourite team, and to reap in millions while doing it would be the best bonus I could ever imagine.

Finally: people take health risks with their careers all the time. Professional athletes are not the only ones who do so. They are the only ones who get wildly financially compensated for it, though.

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