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12-10-2012, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
It's not apples to oranges. It doesn't fit your anti-pa agenda, so you prefer to ignore it.

When you lift the blindfold off your eyes, you'll figure it out.

Also, don't ever think I worry about agreeing with you or the other PA bashers because unless you show me some real facts besides a lame article, I'm not seeing what your shoveling.
You contradict all that you want. Rambling about twentieth century NHL folk lore has no bearing on the stuff today. None. The players are not being treated badly as much too your dismay.

What if this were a NHLPA strike, are you gonna tell me they're are not gonna walk away from the counter offer if they don't like it or it's just a dressed up version of the same bs ones handed to them before?

There's an 8.0 billion dollar and more difference for the reason of disparity of the NHL to the NFL, but that doesn't seem to make a difference in pay scale.

From what I've taken from this thread, everything you're looking for is in the owners winning this, but you want the players to actually win out the day by having the owners cave.

I understand mrzeigler's plight, and ya I do feel they should be honored, but.....the NHLPA and the players knew what was coming before them and they knew the new CBA would effect it. How about adjusting it for the times coming? Pad it up.

No. lets blame the owners for the new CBA terms. Last I saw they were giving up actual dollars towards them. It's their (players) fault just the same.

That's business folks. Don't make the deal then.

Look around all the links, the threads, the news, jiggy, you miss it all in spite your eye's and ears.

This isn't an isolated incidence.

I do have it figured out, the players have too lock Donald Fehr in a closet cave on principle and the final negotiations will proceed to the promise land.

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