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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Oh, I forgot to mention:

an 8 year deal with an OPTION for 2 years is still an 8+2 deal. The fact that either side can annul the last two years does not mean it can not become a 10 year deal. IF both sides are happy with where the deal is going, and would rather have it extended than risk another labour stoppage, it will be extended. Since the players had the right to extend the last CBA (which they elected to do...gee, I wonder why...) then I se no problem with the owners having the same, equal right. As such, it is still an 8+2 year contract offer. It is neither an 8 year, nor a 10 year contract. It is a very easy to understand 8+2. Saying anything else is being disingenuous. Nobody knows if it will be extended or not.
If both sides can cancel it then it is like any deal.

Technically, the last CBA is for "infinite years", since it can just be renewed. They had the option of both saying "let's continue".

You always have the option of jointly agreeing on a renewal, even if it's not written down.

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