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Originally Posted by forbs02 View Post
Shops teach the cross grind method because it is easy, which doesn't make it correct. They are teaching teenagers how to grind skates because it is an easy way to crank through a large volume of skates in a quick amount of time. Go ahead and have a conversation with anyone who works as a pro or collegiate equipment manager. Not a single one of them cross grinds before they sharpen. If they did they would be blowing through steel constantly.

Your counter-argument: well I don't know what the sharpener before me did.

It doesn't matter. Lay an edge checker on top of the blade and see if the edges are square. Put the skate in the clamp, tap a witness mark at each end, adjust accordingly if an edge is high, and sharpen away.

It is very easy to be a mediocre skate sharpener. It takes effort and an attention to detail to be good.
Right... so sharpeners are supposed to individually check every blade with a leveler for every skate that comes into their store in order to save a minimal amount of steel? Just doesn't make sense.... like I said the benefits do not outweigh the negatives. You're taking far more time in order to save a bit more steel that will more than likely be useless when the boot falls apart before the blade is anywhere near done.

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