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12-10-2012, 05:26 PM
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I'm sorry but I can't buy into any of this "boycott the NHL" nonsense. That's not going to do a damn thing. Especially that new protest of boycotting one day for every day after December 21st lost to the lockout. I bet the Rangers and Bruins are really going to miss 1% of their fan base spending money on them for a couple weeks of a 6-10 year CBA.

Boycotting isn't going to accomplish a thing. It's one thing if the fans were unionized. If everyone boycotted the NHL, then yeah, they'd feel it. But that's not going to happen. Like it was just said previously, the big markets' seats will be filled by others. The small market bases take a hit but they have no voice as is, so protesting them by default is going to lessen their voice even further.

I'm sorry but anyone who thinks any of the big 4 sports leagues cared about the fans, you're incredibly naive and gullible. Sure some leagues, teams, and players care about the fans more than others, but for the most part none of them give a ****. They just want to play and get paid for it. If they cared about the fans, they wouldn't charge 80 bucks an autograph that some of the idiots even on this website pay. They wouldn't charge 15 bucks for a kid to eat chicken fingers. They wouldn't charge 140 bucks for a jersey that you can order from China for 50 - and the best part is the "official" jerseys look like knockoffs and the Chinese knockoffs look like they were just worn in a game. But sure, that whole stick raising thing they do at the end of the season, that makes up for it. The "Thank You Fans" video the NHL spends 20 minutes to make, that makes up for it too.

They didn't care about me before, they don't care about me now, and they won't care about me in the future. And I'm going to be back day 1 because there's nothing I can do about it. Just gotta put it behind me, accept that the league and players I suport are selfish, and move on. And I expect most fans to do the same. How many fans were *****ing and moaning about the 2004 lockout in 2005, 2006, and 2007? Once the sport is back, the fans will throw their hissy fits for a week and then everything will be back to normal. All those fans boycotting, I'd like to see what they do when they get word that their team is in the Cup finals. Guarantee they break their boycott.

Fact of the matter is I love the sport. The NBA is a joke, NFL teams play 19 times a year at most, and baseball is insanely boring and dragged out. Hockey is the best sport out there and there is no alternative. If there was a second hockey league out there that could compete with the NHL, I'd support them and wouldn't look back. But that's not the case. I have no other option. So when the sport is back up and running, I will be watching and attending just as much as before pretty much pretending that nothing happened because that is the only way I, as a fan, will get any benefit from this whole process. Boycotting isn't going to do a thing for the players or owners, unless it's done on the grand stage which is totally unrealistic, and it's definitely not going to do a thing for me.

Go Devils.

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