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12-10-2012, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
No PR campaign should ever influence anyone with half a brain. It just comes down to simple logic, and logic is never wrong.

At some point, you see 12 people in the stands in Florida or Long Island and you understand that there are teams out there not making money.

You also look at guys like Troy Brouwer making 4M bucks as a reward for getting 33 points. I don't know how you look at a contract like that (and many like it) and not realize there's something really, really wrong here.

Oh, and you also look at the fact that the players will never, ever get the money back that they lost this year no matter how favorable a deal they MAY end up signing. Ironically, the reason they can hold out for so long just to prove a point is because they're already well compensated by those they're railing against.
Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Here's the problem though.

None of US were around then way back when. Hell, the current owners weren't even around, and neither were the players. It's like asking country A to continue to feel responsible for atrocities committed against country B when EVERYONE involved is long gone and reparations have been paid in full.

It's not only history, it's ancient history and quite irrelevant to what's going on today. I guarantee you that a guy like Upshall, tweeting his beach pics doesn't give a **** about Lindsay or Howe, and what they did for him. ...

There is actually a difference between history and ANCIENT history. Bringing up that the players weren't allowed copies of their contracts when TODAY, even a healthy scratch player like Bisonnette gets every amenity under the sun in ADDITION to 500K a year is laughable.

Lot of good points here IMO.

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