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12-10-2012, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
actually, what i was hinting at is that a lot of the holdout fiascos of really young players that in the end did more harm than good is a lot like players losing parts of or entire seasons due to the lockout. i.e., even if the end deal is more favorable, in the long run didn't you lose money by losing an entire year of your very finite career?

though i guess at least the PA can always tell themselves that they made a sacrifice for the good of future players. what can nedved say?
Yeah, that's kind of the thing here. You never will get that season in your prime again. I think many of us can agree that 25 is a prime year in the NHL for most. Crosby will never get that season back. He will forever lose that one prime season in which he could have won a Cup. So in reality, I don't think the PA is even "sacrificing" much. I think these guys really believe they are Ted Lindsay. Now THAT was a sacrifice! Bobby Hull going to the WHA, THAT was a sacrifice! The NHLPA or a player missing a full season just so that a star player can make $9 million instead of $8 million.........................hmmm.

And another thing, the owners can't help themselves. They will start overpaying the Parises and Suters of the NHL as soon as the game gets back on its feet. Any rollback the players take will be better and then some.

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