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Barkov updated measurements:


Pretty big kid for couple months over 17 year old. His height growing have been quite slow in recent year so projecting him at 6'4 would be quite accurate. Barkov has only touched the surface of his potential physical developement according to his personal trainer who is former stanley cup champion Ville Nieminen. Despite he is outpowering clear majority of men at FEL he seems to have potential to be quite much stronger.

Would too much muscle benefit his game? If he would be 230-240 physical beast would it be good?

I would like to see him as 6'4 220-225lbs in the future with excellent skating(doubt that he ever reaches elite level but tier below that is possible), with good mobility on every direction, great balance and explosiveness. Too big muscles tend to be more injury prone, needs more rest and it's added weight to carry on when he skates.

Barkov is very lean kid. He will most likely end up as 6'4 230+lbs and would have similar strength and balance as Jagr and i'm not kidding... He is that strong. Barkov Sr had excellent balance and was almost impossible to knock off from the puck.

Barkov is right now very underrated skater. When he skates his skating position is excellent, stride is long and smooth and once he get into full speed he is fast. Difference between this and last year is very very big. Imagine him after next offseason when he has 1 year more experience of his body and work as hard at this offseason on his leg strength it's matter of time that he reaches excellent level of skating. If we compare him to Granlund at his draft year Barkov is faster and better skater than Granlund(5'10 176lbs) was and he's 6'3 209lbs. I would say that Barkov is definetly great skater for his size.

Barkov has just very high potential and ceiling. Figure out an 6'4 220-240 whos great skater, very very hard to knock off the puck, is hungry for garbage goals and has nose for net(try to defend against him infront of net at the rebounds with that much strength, size and will that he posesses), is elite passer and has elite vision, has russian smooth quick hands in the tight and can snipe it to top corner. Just complete offensive package.

Not to forget his defensive game which is just as complete and as amazing.

I'm not comparing him to other prospects because i'm obviously biased but i'm trying to open eyes for NA posters that Barkov is an special prospect for european standards.

He will be high draft pick no doubt about it. Why do i think so?

In a nutshell:
-Very high upside/ceiling
-No real weaknesses in his game but alot of elite/excellent qualities.
-Instant income for the team and is definetly NHL-ready by next october despite of being one of the youngest prospects for this draft.
-Very low risk/Very high win pick. Definetly one of the safest pick of this draft.
-Already played against men for 2 years by next october and now against NHLers because lockout makes it possible. Has outplayed many of the NHL players.
-Excellent at PK, PP, SO. Great two-way game. Can play at every situation in the game. So the team get already polished player who has been #1 center for pro team logging about 20minutes per game playing in every situation and crucial parts of the game.
-Plays already NA style game and has nose for net. Very quick head and hands added to that body. He'll be closer to goal in small rink. I would say that he would benefit playing on small rink. Looked pretty good for 16 year old at WJC in a small rink.

I don't see any reasons that why he isn't an high pick for this draft. There might be better prospects than him at the draft but i'm just happy that there is Barkov calibre of prospect out from Finland. Barkov could be very well the best player of this draft in the future.

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