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Originally Posted by nowhereman View Post
Crosby has 133 points in his last 82 games, with one quarter of those games coming off a year-long hiatus from the game.

I would bet my house that a healthy Crosby, in his prime, hits 120+ points. He's a much better player today, barring any lingering health issues, than he was when he was 19. If the game opens up, the rest of the NHL better look out.

And Malkin was on pace for 120 points last year. If Malkin can put up 120 points, there's no reason Crosby can't put up 130-140 points in a career year. Crosby is better and more consistent than Malkin, anyway.
Were those 133 Pts in the same season? No!

It is much easier to have 133 Pts in 82 games spread over 3 seasons and a bit than it is to score 133 Pts in full season over the same season.

During the same season players are bound to get hurt, hit slumps and run into hot goaltenders.

Forsberg was a player who was the prime example of this. He averaged 1.41 PPG in his 3 best seasons but only 2 of those seasons were full seasons. The more games you play in the season, the less likely you are to keep your high PPG pace up.

Heck Ovechkin averaged 1.66 PPG in his first 50 games in 2009-10 before hitting a slump. It happens to the best of them.

So far Crosby has maxed out at 120 Pts in a higher scoring year and has yet to score more than 109 Pts since then and he's not getting any younger either.

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