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12-10-2012, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrefan27 View Post
What's really funny is people having a hissy fit when I correctly call out the Sabres and Darcy Regier for various reasons. Don't know if it's a Buffalo inferiority complex or what. People can't handle the criticisms.

I've debated dozens and dozens of times on this site about this very topic. I don't care anymore and I'm not wasting my time with it. It got old years ago. If you, and anyone else, want to continue spewing it to me, have a blast. It's become humorous to me at this point.
I'm just wondering if the same complaints were spewed when the Amerks were the Panthers farm team. With the exception of the 2006 team, they were pretty putrid. This current iteration isn't exactly devoid of talent, but they're respectable and would be better with an adequate coach.

Is it Darcy's fault that the strength of the organization has taken a step back, or is it Rolston not properly utilizing them? Realistically going into the season they had a defensive corps that on paper was one of the best in the league and had players in Mancari and Adam that were expected to perform and dominate at this level, all of whom have under-performed. Yes they could of used an AHL quality first line center, but besides that, the team should be able to compete with anybody, and relative to most teams in the league, would have been fairly well stocked when players departed for the NHL.

The divide is that the vast majority of this board are Sabres' fans first and foremost and could care less about the Amerks, outside of whether the potential future Sabres are developing properly. The Amerks fans would rather rehash the glory days and long for a Chicago Wolves / Hershey Bears set-up geared towards winning vice fostering the growth of future Sabres. Until Buffalo designates a GM with the sole responsibility to stock the Amerks that just isn't going to happen.

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