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Originally Posted by RTN View Post
I don't think NCAA will ever let them/us go to Div I. Imagine if SFU draws that top basketball talent in Canada. It might be enough to go on a decent run in March Madness in a good year. There's just too much money involved for the NCAA. They don't want to lose any revenue. I think it's the same reason UBC didn't join, they were eyeing Div I and they knew NCAA wouldn't give it to them.

The hockey team is just club level. SFU doesn't have any rinks on campus, though I'm not sure if that's needed for Div I.
DII level is being used as a guinea pig for Canadian schools to see how the logistics / legal issues work out. After 10 years, the decision will be made if Canadian schools can join DI. Right now, a school has to be in DII for five years before it can attempt DI membership, and a DII school must also be offered membership by a DI conference.

What the NCAA would want from a Canadian network is broadcast payments for the NCAA tournaments. SFU getting a share from NCAA DI would be welcomed if the total Canadian payments to the NCAA exceeds what the NCAA pays SFU.

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