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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
People often forget the context of these numbers...

Bettman inherited a completely open market where players had massive rights with very limited restriction to anything.
- Remember how big the ELC system was - considered a massive win in his first go around..
- Also It's pretty apparent if the the owners had the balls to follow through on a cancelled season in '94, the NHL's landscape could of been different... as would Bettman's perceived legacy. (assuming they were able to achieve the soft cap).

He's been battling an uphill fight to revoke some of the rights players have become accustomed to in an attempt even the playing field...
a battle which hopefully finally comes to conclusion in the coming week...

Consider the systems in place for owners just prior to Goodell, Stern, and Selig... compare to the NHL in 93.

But the easy default thing to do is always "OMG! BEttman evil!"

He's not evil. He just holds the record among commissioners for games lost as a %-age of their season lengths. He also has the dubious honor now of approving two CBAs of completely different systems that have come back to bite the league in its ass.

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