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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
Diabolos is blindable, no matter what the level. He cannot kill a character while blinded as long as they are above 1 hp because his physical attacks miss and all the rest of his damage is % based.

As for my order for favorite FF (based upon gameplay and story) to least favorite:

FF6 > FF11 > FF5 > FF12 > FF4 > FF3 > FF14 (old gameplay/story) > FF8 > FF13 > FF2 > FF1 > FF10 > FF9 > FF7
I've beaten every game (non-MMO) except for 3. It's a ***** to play on iPhone and try and finish.

My rankings would be;

1. FF8
2. FF9
3. FF7
4. FF5
5. FF12
6. FF4
7. FF6
8. FF13
9. FF13-2
10. FF2
11. FF1
12. FF10-2
13. FF10

From what I've played of 3 so far, it would probably slot in after #6.

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