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12-10-2012, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
I think Peyton will get picked a part by the Texans defence, just like they did when they played each other earlier.

They had a good late 3rd/4th quarter, but the Broncos offense was dominated before that...
Three things:
1) you're assuming the Texans even face the Broncos in the playoffs. The Pats could eliminate the Texans before Denver even has a shot at them. We have no idea how the seedings are going to be yet.
2) Regular season =/= playoffs.
3) Both the Texans and the Broncos are not the same teams that played eachother earlier in the season. Week 3 might as well have been last year. This Broncos team has won 8 in a row. LOTS of roster changes on both sides (injuries). If you think "3rd ever game with a new team" Peyton is the same as "had a whole season to gel and it's playoff time, baby!" Peyton, you are seriously underestimating one of the top-3 QB's of all time.

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