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1) Brad May -- explosive first punch from either hand, feared by many
2) Larry Playfair -- earned the team a lot of space in his day, feared by many
3) Rob Ray -- game to go with everyone, had his own rule instated about tie-downs; longevity
4) Jim Schoenfeld -- stood up to the Big Bad Bruins almost single-handedly
5) Mike Foligno -- could play, could police, let no one get away with things against his teammates on the ice
6) Jerry Korab -- Kong, especially when he got angry
7) Mike Hartman -- not big, but he would go
8) Gord Donnelly -- a fearsome heavyweight
9) Kevin Maguire -- began the transition away from prissy hockey... nothing like the game he took on the entire Wings by running Chevy after Probert ran Barrasso
10) Danny Gare -- Kid could and would go, he was like the little brother who will fight anyone of his big brother friends and keeps coming back no matter how many knuckles he eats

HM -- Jan Ludvig. Repeated knee injuries ended his time here, but he was a nutbar and fought whenver he had to and seemingly whenever he could when was healthy.

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