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12-10-2012, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by domdo345 View Post
anyway for all of those that say the union is still strong and all have the same point of view, I highly suggest you take a look at the notion of ''silent majority''.
I hope that there's a silent majority... but what if the reality is that the majority of the Union just isn't educated on what has been proposed?

If it goes to a vote, will each player get a complete offer from the NHL and will they take the time to read it, learn what each section means and form an opinion on it before they vote?

Or is it more likely that up to this point they only know what the Union leadership has told them and the only details they know of NHL proposals are filtered through that leadership spin machine. So if this goes to a vote, it's more likely that the NHL provides Fehr with their proposal, and then the Player Reps filter a summary down to their teams for a vote.

In that second scenario, I could easily see the leagues proposal being voted down. And IF the players choose to release results they probably tell us that the proposal was defeated in a landslide since it would show their solidarity. It can't be made know if there is a split vote, since that would show a fracture and give more momentum to the league.

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