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12-10-2012, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Oates2Neely View Post
Winning teams don't have rosters full of identical players. You won't win with a roster full of finesse players,, or a roster full of power forwards. Teams need balance. Skill, grit, power forwards, two-way forwards, pp QB, shutdown dmen, etc.. The Bruins have good balance and Seguin is the most skilled player on their roster. He wouldn't be traded for a type player the Bruins already have enough of.

Seguin may very well pass up both Getzlaf and Ryan soon, he already outscored both as a 19yr old.
I didn't realize Boston had a player identical to Ryan Getzlaf. That's news to me. I imagine it would be news to the rest of the league too.

Oh please. Seguin outscored Getzlaf in the worst season of his career, when Getzlaf put up numbers significantly off from his average. As I've already said, that isn't the same thing at all, and is a pretty awful argument. It's not like Seguin matched Getzlaf's average. What Seguin may do, and what he will do... Like I said, I think Seguin is a terrific young player, but there is no argument for him as the better player at this point in time. Basically, you'd need to assume that Getzlaf just falls completely off the map. Possible? Sure. Likely? Not so much.

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