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12-10-2012, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
You contradict all that you want. Rambling about twentieth century NHL folk lore has no bearing on the stuff today. None. The players are not being treated badly as much too your dismay.
It has a bearing on why we are where we are at. If there was fair treatment by the owners back then, there would be no union. If the owners didn't go into cahoots with Eagleson, BG wouldn't have been brought in to replace him.

I'm sure you can connect the dots from there to see how this mess materialized. Trying to say one side has been worse than the other is flat out ********. Over the history of this league, both sides have done what is best for them. No side is innocent in this, like you want to claim.

Unlike you, I want what is fair for both sides. Since you have such an anti-pa slant, you read what you want and assume what fits into your agenda.

When both sides are happy, we have labor peace. Unfortunately, you can't see that. You think it is about one side getting their pound of flesh.

What if this were a NHLPA strike, are you gonna tell me they're are not gonna walk away from the counter offer if they don't like it or it's just a dressed up version of the same bs ones handed to them before?

There's an 8.0 billion dollar and more difference for the reason of disparity of the NHL to the NFL, but that doesn't seem to make a difference in pay scale.

From what I've taken from this thread, everything you're looking for is in the owners winning this, but you want the players to actually win out the day by having the owners cave.
Once again your agenda to ignore facts and blindly support the owners is comical.

You were asked on several occasions what the differences would be if the owners gave another year or two on the contracts, given that they already gave 7 for re-signs and how this would have a big affect on their goals?

You conveniently rambled on with pro-owner rhetoric and avoided the question, not once, not twice, but three times.

It didn't fit your agenda to answer it.

Just because you fill your post with words, doesn't mean you are using any logic or facts to support your argument.

No. lets blame the owners for the new CBA terms. Last I saw they were giving up actual dollars towards them. It's their (players) fault just the same.

That's business folks. Don't make the deal then.

Look around all the links, the threads, the news, jiggy, you miss it all in spite your eye's and ears.

This isn't an isolated incidence.

I do have it figured out, the players have too lock Donald Fehr in a closet cave on principle and the final negotiations will proceed to the promise land.
I have read and listened and watched. I don't get into group think and let majority opinions sway me from what I feel is right. I didn't do it when people lost their **** about missing out on AO and having half the board attack me for saying Malkin would be as good as him. I didn't do it when people fell for the Jagr trap and blew up on me for saying he didn't care about Pgh and would follow the money. I stuck by my opinion of Tangradi while the majority of people blasted him and still do.

I'm not swayed by popular opinion. I'm swayed by facts and reasoning. None of which you have been able to provide.

As far as the media goes, I've seen many people attack the league and the players. There is no side getting blasted more than the other. You again are only reading and seeing what you want, because of your anti-pa agenda.

I can't take your opinion seriously. Sorry.

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