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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
What is differentiates is the shops that have steady business and the ones that don't.
they may have first time business but i can be almost sure that they dont get a lot of higher end repeat business. people i have dealt with personally and people i have talked to go to skate sharpening business that go with more quality over quantity.

It may not be a race but quality and efficiency comes hand in hand. Taking 10 minutes for a single sharpen is a pain for the customer and drives away business. Driving out poor sharpens is also a major pain that drives away business.
your right, quality and efficiency to go hand in hand, when you do a quality sharpening, you learn techniques to do it faster without the need to cross grind. people respect quality sharpening and respect that it takes more time to do it then to continually cross grind it. these offers a better quality edge and a consistent edge.

You're posting what a business would like to advertise... "we check the quality of your skates, how your rivets are holding up, check the level of the previous sharpen with a leveler etc.". Yet in reality that isn't how successful shops are run... you can do things like making passes in only one direction rather than swiping it back and forth (something I don't do but have seen others do). But when it comes to cross grinding or not cross grinding, the benefits cross grinding provides exceed the negatives. And no, the boot does have to have any kind of quality deficiencies for it to start breaking down before the blade. I just replaced my skates after I don't even know how many years and both my blades and boot were worn with me cross grinding every time I sharpen which is more than most sharpen considering I do it myself for free. The boot takes the brunt of the damage while playing... you just don't notice the damage until it becomes severe whereas with a blade it's noticeable right away

Again this is something you'd like to believe and have all your employees do... this changes pretty drastically when you have 100 sharpens that need to get done in limited time. You can accomplish quality sharpens for all of those in a very efficient time frame simple by cross grinding it.
any good shop would let you know what problems you have with a skate and what are you options about fixing it, thats good business and good practice. its what get customers to keep coming back for your work. maybe if your a place like sportschek or a major retail outlet that hires 16 year olds you can get away with it, but you will see many people who have sharpened for years have their own shops or work in skate only shops. you can fool yourself and say they dont do anything but cross grind and go but your fooling yourself.

again i offer you the chance to ask a manager from a triple A, junior, college (which i have done) or pro. they will all say they cross grinding is a waste unless there is major damage to fix.

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