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12-10-2012, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by averyrule View Post
Question. If they voted on this, would Fehr have to reveal how close the vote was? Or does he just say it was a "yes" or "no"? If it is the latter, then the public will never know how divided the union is. For all we know the vote could have been 100% "no" when it was really 51% to 49%.
A bargaining committee would only reveal how close a vote was if it was to their advantage. For example they would anounce the details if it was 95% in support(anything over 90% is usally considered strong support in bargaining). If it was 51% they would merely say they had the support of the majority of members.

Of course it is no different for the owners. Neither side is under any obligation to share percentages.

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