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12-10-2012, 08:05 PM
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hi after reading your thread, it is up side with previous concept, in my city (Hong Kong), no matter what is your wiegh or height, everybody using senior stick if you are adult.We use 100 Flex stick even 5"3 130 lbs.
I am 5"7 84kg and would like to give it a try. but would like to know which flex is better for me.Normally, i will cut down one and half section to make the end butt reach my nose, so 77 or 65, which one good for me?I do know what is the feeling to blend stick before, i can feel the stick has "cracking" sound and the puck fly like hell.I cant which model is, the only thing i can remember it is Easton, 85 flex (Cut 1 and half or 2 section), grip in orange color and it should be after Syerngy silvery color OPS.
i have Bauer XXXX 77 flex, but cant shooting that kind of shot.
I normal slap more that waist.thanks

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