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12-10-2012, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
True enough. There is a lot of turnover, which should happen after a big let down. Not quite hockey summit, national crisis like Canada.

However, I'm seeing some of the same rhetoric about this year's US squad. Some are saying that Gibson might be the best goaltender in the tournament already. Many are saying that both the high end talent and depth are as good as ever.

Personally I see as big a drop off as ever after the top 3-4 forwards and top two D. I'm sure a few players will surprise me. I just feel that for USA to medal, they are going to have to out will their opponents more than out skill them this year. Great depth on paper isn't always a recipe for success. The 2006 squad was as deep of a roster as the US has produced and they couldn't come together.

I don't see USA winning the pool in the round robin against both Canada and Russia. Any team going through the QF round has a hard time winning with two top seeds lying in wait and rested for the game the next day. I'm not sure if a third seed has ever won gold or even made the gold medal game, but I'd imagine it would be a very rare ocurance. Second place in the round robin might be the best seeding to aim for. You would have a QF and SF against the other pool, which is perceived to be weaker. However, that remains to be seen.
heard the same crap in 2010 as well....

again, I am glad you dont see the US making out on top, but you do have to play these games on actual ice...and I cant wait to see how everything unfolds.

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