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12-10-2012, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
He has played in the NHL, it is pretty clear you don't understand how Detroit uses and brings along their prospects. At no point have they been unhappy with Smith.

You're reaching because you don't follow the things they have said about him and what value they attach to him. This is how Detroit has done things and that is to the tune of being the most successful team in the league.

The reality is on the question of value as I have stated before they targeted 3 guys that had gone to an all-star game this last summer, he was unavailable. Holland and Babcock have said glowing things about him for two years running. They have a plan and are sticking to it. Might be the reason Detroit players trend and build, while other teams rush and destroy a lot more than the Wings.
Of course Detroit likes him. All teams like their prospects and say great things about them, especially former 1st-round picks.

I understand how Detroit works with prospects, it seems more than many of you. They don't keep players down if they are ready. They just take longer to get ready, and they don't give up on them unlike some other teams.

Being a successful team in this league has absolutely nothing to do with keeping good players off your team for longer.

Bringing a player up at 23-24 does not "ruin" a player.

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