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12-10-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I know that a lot of people take health risks. However it is brought up because Kriss E was arguing players are blessed to have the opportunity of amazing health. I merely point out that he is completely wrong, as players do not, on the whole, benefit from amazing health. It's 1 step forward and 2 steps back. The fact other lines of work have even worse problems is besides the point.

Saying that professional athletes have great health as a job benefit is equivalent to saying drug-addicted and bony catwalk models benefit from having sexy bodies. It is a flawed argument on multiple levels.

For me, the argument that players are the beneficiaries of amazing health is right up there (or should I say down there) with the argument that players take zero risks, that players are responsible for the lockout, or that Donald Fehr is the reason the Expos left Montreal.
Actually, I said they have the privilege of being surrounded by some of the best fitness coaches in the world. Apparently that is simply too outstanding of a statement for you.
Once again, I said that a poster (whiskeyseven) brought up the fact these guys have to constantly be in tip top shape as if it was a drag and very few people could handle it. My point was that it was more of a privilege than a drag. Someone else than argued it was more of a necessity or something along those lines (ECWHSWI), to wish I responded, necessity or not, it's still a privilege.
It's very simple to understand, and really, it's sad the length people will go to in order to argue. Are you guys seriously trying to argue that being surrounded by the best trainers in the field of fitness is not a privilege? Do you know how stupid this sounds?
I don't give two craps if it's in the team's best interest to bring forth those surroundings, it's still a damn privilege.

Don't take my word for it, look at the best fighters in the world, that pay for their coaches/trainers, ever listen to them after winning a fight? How it's an honor and privilege to be surrounded by their entourage. It's in their best interest to get the best people around them, they pay for it, yet they still view it as an honor. Same damn thing here.

The fact you are comparing the health of an ATHLETE to the one of a DRUG ADDICTED ANOREXIC catwalk model (who does nothing good for her health) is jaw dropping. Just because a player can suffer an injury doesn't mean his health is absolute garbage. You only speak in extremes.
Really, you are seriously lost. But thanks for laugh.

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