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12-10-2012, 08:38 PM
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My frustration with ESPN 710 (KSPN) finally went over the top today...I really wish I still was into hard rock (KLOS) but I am too old to have my ears pounded and of course the big easy (KTWV) went all-xmas-music in July, so I can't listen to that without wanting to blow my brains out, so I am more or less "forced" (or turn the radio off, which I do more and more) to listen to "all Laker problems, all the time" on KSPN.

Now, I understand its the Lakers flagship station and all, but they don't talk about the Clippers AT ALL. And the only time they noticed that a hockey team resided in Los Angeles is when "all of a sudden" the team appeared in the SCF. I think at the time a vague promise was made to follow the Kings (yeah, right), but the NHL bailed them out by deciding to be a non-league this season.

Anyway, I sent the following three tweets to them. Just my "I'm mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!" moment. No, don't bother telling me it won't do any good, I know it won't. But Twitter is a great tonic to blow off some steam. So I took advantage of it.

Ron M @RonM11
@ESPNLA710 @Lakers
Can you please talk about the Clippers and Kings (LA), to mix it up a little? So monotonous always about Laker problems.

I am sick and tired of hearing Lakers this and Lakers that, you guys can wear out the most true and tried Laker fans.

Do you guys realize how ridiculous it sounds during cross talk when four people are all trying to shout above each other?

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