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12-10-2012, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Oates2Neely View Post
Now you're just back pedaling. "Powerful player who can over power opposing teams defense & has skill"... Sounds toe like the exact definition of a power forward! I'll go out on a limb and suggest that it takes some level of skill to score 30 goals and 60+ points in a season in the NHL (which Lucic has done).

Getzlaf is a great player, and I'm guessing he will bounce back statistically when the NHL resumes play,, but no chance Boston trades Seguin for a power forward when they already have Lucic and Horton to a lesser extent. Seguin is Boston's most skilled player. My guess is he will not be traded any time soon, not for a pending UFA
You're inserting your own definitions here, and I'm the one back pedaling? You're the one who jumped to the conclusion that tough and finesse don't go together. I never used the term power forward, and I don't really think it applies to Getzlaf. Can he play a power forward game? Absolutely, he can. But more than his physical presence, he is an elite playmaker. An absolutely top notch passer who can make something out of nothing. It's not like Lucic and Horton are "Getzlaf-lite" players. They are good players in their own right, but Getzlaf is an elite talent, and he's proven that in so many more ways than any "comparable" players you're insisting Boston has.

I'm not trying to convince you that Boston should make this deal. In fact, I've said multiple times already that I don't think Boston would. But basically everything about the Boston players is about what they might become. Not what they currently are. Anaheim would be trading their #1 center, and a consistent 30-goal scorer, players they just can't afford to give up... not unless they have a strong reason to believe Ryan Getzlaf won't re-sign.

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