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12-10-2012, 08:59 PM
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He shouldn't..........but he will. Clarence Campbell is in there. Ziegler is in there. Bettman will get in only by default. Three lockouts under his watch. 4 teams relocating (so far) under his watch. Placing hockey in non-traditional markets and keeping them there long after they've failed (Phoenix). The growth of the game was going to roll anyway. Gretzky's influence is what made this what it was and Bettman arrived at the perfect time in 1993.

While there is no doubt the game grew under his watch we can also point to the fact that it also should have grown much more by now. In 1994 we witnessed a wonderful playoff season. Bure was in the Cup final and the Rangers won a thrilling series. This was a perfect time to capitalize on hockey, but then they had a lockout. Then the same thing in Tampa in 2004. Then L.A. in 2012. Every time a team wins the Cup that would generate more interest the league folds. Not to mention silly things like the crease rule, the dead puck era, obstruction, etc. The overall way the hockey world loathes the man. I don't know, I wouldn't put him in there. But everyone at that position will get in. Not to mention the NHLPA guys. Eagleson got booted out but he was in there. Goodenow as much as I hate to admit it, drove salaries through the roof. I don't think he did much for the game but rather the players. But when you have this position, no matter how poor you are at it you end up in the Hall of Fame if you withstand the test of time.

Phil Housley in the Hall doesn't look so bad now does it?

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