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Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
Interesting post
Has anyone weighed in with or considered adding to the equation the drugs/performance enhancers that the athletes WILLINGLY take to get to the "bigs" or to stay there?

also, there's the lifestyle that some athletes happily and willing succumb to ie/ drinking drugs and late night partying.
Now it may be part of the culture but its a life choice. If it shortens life span is it due to the sport or the individual?

If a young man wants to be a lineman or a sumo wrestler he must realize that that comes with expectations of size and weight.
Size and weight add to health complications which in turn shorten lives. This is their decision.
Now by extension we are saying due to this they should get paid more? I don't see it.
I would bet that people have looked into the issue of drugs and lifestyle, but we would probably each find failings in the detailed models, as there always are.

Obviously, risk isn't everything. We can all agree that NFL players take the most physiological risks out of the major sports, yet they don't have the largest salaries. This is because of various factors. Chiefly, there is more overall pay for NFL players, but there are more players per team, for 1700 total players (compared to 600 in the NHL), meaning average salary is lower. This simple example shows that risk isn't everything. Conversely, NBA salaries have the highest salaries, for the same reason, few total players.

In terms of players getting "paid more" for their health risks, I just think they should get medical care covered, which is already the case, and that it should be seen as a cost of business and not a privilege.

I'm also refuting the arguments that:
- players take zero risks / pay zero costs
- players have great health as a job benefit / privilege

There are valid arguments for lower salaries (e.g. more parity, greater possibility for expansion), but those two reasons listed above are not among them, as they are both false at worst, unsupported at best.

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