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12-10-2012, 09:22 PM
Sir Fenwick Corsi
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I'm not stupid to think that the players or league actually ever gave a **** about me in the first place. That's not the point with people who are fed up. It's one thing not to care, but to blatantly be ******** on us as well? Sorry, can't get behind it.

Look, everyone is going to feel differently about it. If you can sit there Day 1 when they return and move on as if nothing ever happened, more power to you. But when this ******** continues to keep on happening every 6 - 7 years, so be it I guess.

All I'm going to remember about the players and owners, after all is said and done, is just how ****ing spoiled they have been and how out of touch with reality they are. I don't care if they want more money. Who doesn't? But this **** has just been way too public and I'm sorry, millionaires and billionaires fighting over money is for the ****ing birds. It's ridiculous. Both sides are way better off than nearly the entire population and yet they can't seem to compromise and reach an agreement where they both make ridiculous money. **** that noise. This is a stupid ass game at the end of the day. These guys are getting paid millions of dollars. Shut the hell up and play the damn games.

It's not so much about boycotting as it is saying "**** you". I know someone else will be in line and they do to, so maybe my absence doesn't mean anything in the end. But it's also why garbage like this will continue to happen over and over again. But I just can't justify the blatant disregard for me as a customer. I wasn't pissed in 05. I was extremely disappointed, but not pissed. Things were in a bad way and the promise was that it would be better even if it meant losing the season. Well how did that turn out?

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