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12-10-2012, 09:29 PM
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I HATE growing my hair. I keep it extremely short now and get a fresh cut every 2 weeks, sometimes less. Thank god my woman's little bro is a barber! Back in high school I let it go from a typical buzz cut to have the sick flow for hockey and lacrosse. Eventually got it to my shoulders and wore it in a kind of hippy/surf loose bun for a minute, but pretty quickly cut it back to a more typical lax-flow length.

Loved HAVING long hair when I had it, but growing it that first time sucked. Just like Cally's Parm, I stuck with the 'ends justify the means' attitude and, in the end, I'd say it was worth it. Girls loved me with long hair. Lax playoffs my junior year I went home after practice with hair to my chin and came to school the next morning with a short mohawk (like 60% of the team did it, but I didn't tell anyone I was gonna cut mine). Loved the reactions from everyone; teacher, friend, parent. I love making radical changes like that.

Anyhoot, I haven't been able to even let my hair get long enough to touch my eyebrows since that first haircut. Growing it out is literally the worst and I will probably never have hair longer than an inch or two ever again, ever. Ever.

For reference:

Longest hair I ever had looked like:

Peak flow, however, was more like:

And my hair ever since stays like this when the cut is fresh:

I also have been told I look like both Jason Pominville and Jim Morrison but, sadly, never Matthew McConaughey

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