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12-10-2012, 09:44 PM
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Truth is, I'm glad the Texans are going through this adversity. They're going to have to win this year without their leader on defence, and going through games like this (and Green Bay) should be enough to motivate.

Tonight, they're getting destroyed. I don't think the big difference is in coaching like Bonk is saying, I think it's in the on-field product right now. Matt Schaub is having his worst game of the year, and Arian Foster is. You could honestly tell that from the first drive. Regroup, and make sure if you face them in the playoffs that the two people who touch the ball every down aren't as bad as they were tonight.

EDIT: Not trying to attack anyone personally, just defending my team that is getting unfairly analyzed for having a bad game. It happens people, it doesn't mean they're not legitimate contenders.

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