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12-10-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Update on games cancelled: to December 30.

****ing NHL. Unbelievable. I can see it now...first Kings home game, December 31, NYE. And I might not be able to see the banner raised, because I have (possibly) another commitment.

I mean, you have got to be ****ing kidding me. Did anyone else see this coming? I did, as soon as Bettman blew up at the reporter suggesting a pre-determined January 1 start date. I just KNEW this might happen.

And if they do this to us Kings fans at this late date, there will be a huge ****ing hue and cry. They need to set up that first home date on January 2 or later (if it comes to pass).

I repeat: ****ing NHL.
12/31 isn't going to be the first game of the year.

How ****ing awesome would that be? I would get a room at the JQ Marriot and start drinking about 3am. (Even though the bar is closed, no hotel employees complain when you bring your own and kick it by the fireplace sipping scotch in a robe with an unlit cigar in your mouth.)
At sunrise I'll by a hawaiian punch slurpee and dump in a fifth of rum and hoof it back to JW for a brekfast and minmosas.
The Yardhouse will open about 11am and yard of Stone IPA would go great with their Mac and Cheese. After 7 or 8 yards, I'll wander up and down Figueroa until I find a midget or a hunchback and I'll him he/she/it to the Palm for Margaritas and LOBSTER AND BACON FONDUE(that's right).
Pregame I'll run back to the hotel room and fill a Camelback with Gatorade and Tequila.

After the game, I'll throw up a lot and I'll wake up somewhere in the Valley with an alpaca under one arm and a stuffed Pink Panther under the other.

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