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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
As for the trophy you are correct...

But life is not based on trophies, it's based on the path to that trophy.... come on Skraut, you are one of the regulars whom should know the difference.
Correct. The path to the trophy is 16 playoff wins.

That is what matters.

I'm not saying the regular season is irrelevant because it decides the seeding for the playoffs. But the number of games IS irrelevant, as long as it is consistant for every team, it is a fair season.

You wanted to argue that the long grind of a season wears down players and could sort of separate the men from the boys so to speak and help determine a champion.

Fine, it could do that.

So could a shortened season, with a condensed schedule where teams are playing 3 in 4 nights, and 5 in 8. That could wear down players as well.

A shortened season also could create some more interesting story-lines. Steve Mason's rookie season he had 2/3rds of an incredible season. What if that was the entire season?

What if a shortened season let a veteran laden team like Detroit make one last cup run because they aren't as beat up?

What if the longer summer lets LA avoid the post cup hangover?

What if it takes 30 games for Rick Nash to get comfortable in New York, and they struggle to get into the playoffs?

If anything a shortened season could provide as much, or more intrigue than a full slog through 82 games. And as an added bonus, Jackets fans won't have to sit though as many losses before we're eliminated from playoff contention.

So to get back to my original point. A season in which the Stanley Cup is awarded is a "Season". How many games the regular season contains doesn't matter, it will just create slightly different story lines as the season progresses.

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