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12-10-2012, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
Toronto's defense doesn't stuck. Gardiner would have made the Detroit roster, easily.
This is just getting too fun.

Gardiner: 75GP, 21:33 ATOI. 30 points. 52 hits, 90 blocked shots, 73 giveaways, 34 takeaways.

I'm not even going to compare that to Lidstrom or Kronwall, because I'm going to hope that you're at least smart enough to know that he wouldn't get a spot over either of them.

Stuart: 81GP, 21:03 ATOI. 21 points. 177 hits. 115 blocked shots. 27 giveaways. 22 takeaways.

Gardiner better offensively, no doubt. Stuart destroys him defensively.

Quincey: 72GP, 21:51 ATOI. 26 points. 101 hits. 94 blocked shots. 35 giveaways. 24 takeaways.

Gardiner slightly better offensively. Quincey probably edges him out defensively due to physicality and not having an abysmal giveaway/takeaway ratio.

White: 77GP, 22:58 ATOI. 32 points. 49 hits. 92 Blocked shots. 32 giveaways. 20 takeaways.

Both of them even offensively. Almost even defensively until you get back into that abysmal giveaway takeaway shot ratio of Gardiner's.

In all honesty, I see White as Detroit's #5 this year. Probably be up on the #1PP due to being a righty. Oh, speaking of that right handed shot, even if he and Gardiner weren't even, White's still getting the spot due to being Detroit's only right-handed defender.

So that's five defenders Gardiner doesn't get in over. Even if you take issue with one of them, there's four others. That puts Gardiner on the bottom pairing. Just like Smith, they're not gonna waste his time on the bottom pairing.

It was a valiant effort though.

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
Our roster was actually full too, and Gardiner wasn't supposed to make it, but we made room for a prospect who was showing he deserved to be in the NHL. What a concept.
That must be why Toronto has made the playoffs for 21 years straight, and Detroit has missed them for over 10 years.

Wait... I got that wrong...

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