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12-10-2012, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
I have to laugh at you using hits and such to try and prove defensive ability, though I guess it is irrelevant anyway because you are trying to compare arbitrary stats across teams.
You're right, how dare I bring up defensive statistics to show who's a better defenseman.

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
None of what you just posted proves anything. Heck, even you didn't give an argument for why Stuart, White or Quincey were better. You said they were equal or worse.
You continue to prove that you're either completely incapable of reading, or that your reading is incredibly selective.

Originally Posted by Wingsfan2965 View Post
Gardiner better offensively, no doubt. Stuart destroys him defensively.

Gardiner slightly better offensively. Quincey probably edges him out defensively due to physicality and not having an abysmal giveaway/takeaway ratio.

Both of them even offensively. Almost even defensively until you get back into that abysmal giveaway takeaway shot ratio of Gardiner's.

In all honesty, I see White as Detroit's #5 this year. Probably be up on the #1PP due to being a righty. Oh, speaking of that right handed shot, even if he and Gardiner weren't even, White's still getting the spot due to being Detroit's only right-handed defender.

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
The only logical thing you have said is that White probably gets a spot because he is the only right-handed shot. That's probably right, but that doesn't speak to abilities, and still leaves Gardiner in the top-4. Gardiner is better than White.
Gardiner probably is better. Still not getting that spot over White because of the factor of White's handedness.

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
Whoops, forgot Lidstrom for last year. Two defenders better than Gardiner. Nothing you have shown has proven that any of the other guys were better than Gardiner.
Actually I've shown a lot, the only people who can't see it are those who have these on:

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
Then he is a terrible coach, and Holland is a terrible GM, because you never make your team worse because "Oh, I'm not too happy about the contracts", whatever that means.

You can't say "Oh, well Smith SHOULD have made the team, so he is an NHL player". It doesn't work like that. You look at what he has done, and he has not done enough at the level he actually played to warrant his hype.
Ahh yes! Let's compare Babcock and Holland's resumes to Carlyle's and Burke's.

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