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12-10-2012, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Tonight, they're getting destroyed. I don't think the big difference is in coaching like Bonk is saying, I think it's in the on-field product right now. Matt Schaub is having his worst game of the year, and Arian Foster is...
I hate the Patriots, but fully recognize Belichick as being probably the greatest head coach of all time. If not of all time, he's easily, easily a top-3.

If you don't think Schaub & Foster having bad games is at least partially due to the Pats superbly game-planning them, you're not giving Evil Bill his due.

Though I agree, Manked, this is probably good for the Texans. Get plastered, go back and watch the video, find out how the Patriots attacked your holes, and make those holes disappear. Adjust your game so if you meet in the playoffs, you can hopefully throw the Pats something they didn't see during this rout.

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