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12-10-2012, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
It's not non-sense, it's the truth. Even if they were at 50-50 last year and didn't give up 1bil in revenue (like they have), they have still given more than the owners have.

You don't like people using it to show how much the PA has given the owners becuase it shows how little the owners have given the players in return.

And if people are going to talk about X amount of teams losing money, stop talking about that too. Because that was based off of the last CBA as well.
Last time I checked NHL players are paid 7 sometimes 8 figures to play a game. But yeah the owners are giving the players nothing!

Fact is players are more then fairly compensated for their work. Players need to realize that they play in a sport that doesn't make the same amount of money as other sports and that this isn't 2004, the world economy is much different.

Both sides need to realize that the longer this goes on the more this hurts the sport. Sure once this is settled they can go back to work, but what's there waiting for them? They have already lost 20% of the fan base and that's being generous on the low side. They need to quit playing the games and get to business and settle this thing.

It's why I was for a owner player meeting, get the actual people effected by the lockout together without Bettmans and Fehrs egos. But even then Bettman and Fehr found a way to get involved. Sadly the only way I think this thing gets setteled is if the NHL comes out with a cut off date of X and says if a deal is done by (Dec 30) as an example then the season is cancelled. Then I think the players actually come out and force Fehr to make a deal instead of playing this stupid dancing game with Fehr.

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