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12-10-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
could have saved you a lot of typing ...this isnt last year....pretty darn simple as that...

overhyping? ahahahaha what the hell are you talking about? who is overhyping them?

..and the funny part is Canada hasnt won gold since 09-10....yet you seem to dismiss that fact pretty easily...
I could have saved typing as well by simply quoting how wrong you were in assessing the team last year. I'm not comparing squads, just your slightly rose colored glasses.

I said a tad overhyping, as in a couple notches too high. No one or few are calling gold and a walk through. I have USA slightly below Sweden and Finland as I believe they have more high end skill and the tournament is in Russia. You have said differently..."Every team has strengths and has their flaws, but looking at the US team, and the number of skilled players they have top down, I do find it odd how they are getting ranked below Sweden and Finland who simply are not on their overall talent level. ..."

I just don't agree on your overall talent statement.

What's there to dismiss? Canada was in the Gold medal games 2 of those years and missed the finals last year in a one goal loss to a team they outshot 56-24. Should I remind you that I am probably against the grain of general Canadian opinion in that I have Russia as the favorite?

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