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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
Olympic seedings are important, as well as medals, country pride, prestige and bragging rights. So whatever Canadian teams played in recent WCs, they didn't step up? They didn't play well under pressure? What happened exactly?

WCs take a lot of commitment (yearly preperations and Eurotours for some countries) and not some patch job of volunteers getting together for a tour of Europe. I think that is really starting to sink in with Hockey Canada and US. Just read some articles around last WC in the press.

It's not an easy tournament to win by any stretch of imagination. Whatever country wins deserve a lot of credit. Yet you dismiss this tournament completely? Ignorant, very ignorant.

What exact "barriers" prevented Canada from putting together a better team for WC in any of the past 5 years?

Just to be clear:
-NHL Playoffs are NOT an excuse or "barriers", as obviously proven by many countries. Usually there are only 2-4 NT players that are occupied for the playoff part of WC. Like who could play last year from LA Kings or NJD? Just a handful of players.

-Caring or not caring is not an excuse. Emotional notes are NOT attached to team standings at the end of the tournament.

Yes, give more credit to Olympics, I agree. But give the credit to other major international tournaments that it deserves too. They take a lot of commitment, hard work and hockey wealth of a country to win. There is no question that this tournament got a whole lot more competative in the last 10 years. Lots of NHL stars now are proud to play for their countries. Canada is just not at the same level right now, and if they don't get on it they are going to become a joke in WCs (if they haven't already).
Canada has never viewed the WHC as a critically important tournament. If that doesn't sit well with you, that's too bad. It is viewed as a European event. Much like Europeans will dismiss World Cup/Canada Cup as a North American one. It doesn't matter that the IIHF is involved.

You are wrong about NHL player availability too. The team is 2/3 announced before the playoffs start. The rest filled in by first round losers. You can't wait until the last minute to announce everyone. Players have just gone through a full 82 game schedule, including intense playoff positioning races and playoff games. Many are playing injured, many are fatigued and the thought of going half way around the world to play in a tournament that most over here don't put stock in isn't the prestige you might think it is.

Lately Canada has been using the WHC as a sort of tryout for younger players and an opportunity to give guys national team experience. Half the squad last year was 25 or under.

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