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12-11-2012, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ProstheticConscience View Post
I used to think they'd manage to put their egos aside and hammer out a deal by November. I also used to think there's no way the NHL would be fool enough to lockout the players again. The last lockout was about fixing a broken system to some degree, this time it's about...? Killing the geese that lay the golden eggs, pretty much. There needs to be a drastic shift in the NHL owners' culture for this problem to ever go away imho. Away from the Lord vs serfs mentality, away from blaming the players endlessly for signing contracts offered by the teams, away from constant internal pissing contests and rivalries being of paramount importance. The problem is, I just don't see how that can ever happen without all the old school dinosaurs finally becoming extinct.


*deep sigh*
Lord vs serf? Really?

I'm not pro owner, the players deserve every dollar they can negotiate. It's a huge pie and I don't really take either side seriously when they use the labour rhetoric. I mean yeah, it's a lock out, but this isn't a blue collar warehouse with padlocks on the door.

IMO the CBA should be about making the game better, how ever the HRR gets split up everyone makes a buncha cash. 50-50 linked makes it a partnership. I'd like to hear the owners spell out why they've picked certain mountains to die on, but most of their contract stuff I feel would benefit the competitiveness of the league.

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