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12-11-2012, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Bettman also said that he got *****ed and moaned at by owners for putting make-whole on the table. How about the owners vote too and see where they're at.
I would strongly suspect that if a vote was taken (even an anonymous one that was leaked after the fact), that there might be 1-3 teams that would accept the PA's last offer (at the most). If they changed the variance on their offer (from 75% to 50%), and increased the length of the CBA they might stand a chance at more than a couple of owners accepting it (that's assuming that they dropped their compliance requests, or whatever else they decided to toss in recently). I think if they did the above, and reduced the contract limits to 7 years, then you'd probably get a bunch of GMs who'd strongly consider it. However I still think it would be less than 50%.

I don't think it's the term, contract limits, or whatnot that's the issue (for a couple teams). The PA gets close to what a few of the teams might be willing to accept, then tosses something in there that would negate the whole thing. In the only full offer presented, it was how the cap could never go lower (has been removed), changed how buyouts worked (no word on that now), and I believe there was something else that I believe the NHL wouldn't touch (but am too lazy to go find and read that offer).

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