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12-11-2012, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
Their accountants can't make that determination when they are only shown half of the books.

It's only tax fraud if they hide the money altogether. As long as it shows up on the books somewhere it's not tax fraud since SSE & the Panthers are one and the same with the same owners and the same percentage ownership.

I would agree that the players have no right to know what the owners make money on... until the owners decide to tie the players salaries to how much money the franchise makes. Then they have every right to see those books.

They have absolutely no right to see any revenue owners get from entities NOT related to the Panthers. Since SSE and the Panthers are inextricable, the players (and the county government/taxpayers) should have every right to see those books.

It's not worth arguing over since the PA already fought that battle and lost. I'm just pointing out that the current arrangement of determining hockey related revenue certainly plays in ownerships favor.

I really find it curious how in these labor situations, fans always tend to gravitate towards ownerships side. The players didn't strike here. Ownership locked them out because they weren't happy with the LAST contract they shoved down the players throats.
you and me both. rich old fortunate white guys? dime a dozen. we're not here if not for the players and they are the ones putting life and limb on the line every night.

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