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12-11-2012, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by ktf View Post
Well looking at the list, there are some hits to my predicted roster...

G- Marvin Cüpper (94)
G- Philip Lehr (93)

Haase(93)- Keller(93)
Kronthaler(93)- Faber(93)
Mebus(93)- Mierandres(93)
Bar(93)...Kindl(93) next in line

Since Kindl did not make this list, I will put Tim Bender next

These are not actual lines... just an idea of the order

Reider(93)- Draisaitl(95)- Pföderl(93)
Pauli (93)- Uvira(93)- Kahun(95)
Latta(93)- Kretschmann(93)- Kurth(94)
I would put Tiffels and Reimer in instead of the two absent players
Looking good to me, except that I would probably switch either Pföderl with Kahun and then have Kahun on center and Draisaitl on the wing, or I'd switch Draisaitl with Uvira and again put him on the wing and Kahun at center.
These two (Draisaitl and Kahun) have played together so well in German Juniors, that I don't want to see them split up.

Of course a lot could change if Rieder doesn't get healthy in time.

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