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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
I can't fathom the idea that you truly believe that based on how well informed you appear to be.

Unlike this lockout, where [for me], I'm following it peripherally, I followed the last one on a figuratively hourly basis. I think the players got their rears handed to them, it was a rout and it was very hard to see how they 'won' anything at the time. There were a group of us internet keyboard warriors at that time (since I wasn't active here) who believed it was the big market teams that wanted the UFA age lowered. It was the only way that they'd ever get a shot at the Brad Richards, Suters, Parises, and Hossa of the NHL. We predicted it would hurt the smaller teams more to give up on that point than any gain from the cap range--- as long as revenues grew. Some of us even thought you'd see more big market Stanley Cup championships under this new "parity-inducing" CBA.

One thing we didn't predict, and I don't think most fans saw this coming, was the cap circumventing contracts. It seemed that rationality would decree that there was simply too much risk to 10-15 yrs contracts. The cap was supposed to bring quicker retooling (another aspect that helped bigger market teams), and thus shorter term contracts that enabled it. Why cement in a roster when you'd get reasonable turnover every 3-5 yrs? With very good HRR growth, you were always creating extra cap space anyway, but GMs figured out that the kinds of players they wanted at X dollars weren't always going to be available. Trade markets froze up, or you saw just ridiculous payment of assets for rentals. As soon as one GM started doing longer contracts, so did everyone else because they also locked in that cap number. That way-- if a good player became available, you had more room to maneuver, and you'd also locked in your own player. (Is there an argument in here somewhere for a talent shortage in spite of what we want to believe?)

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