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12-11-2012, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I like the military-esque look as well, but I basically do the same but then add some spice by getting the low skin-fade on the sides (it's not a huge difference, but it adds some... what's the word the kids are using? swag? ) and than start with about a 2.5/3 (I use the half sizes that don't really exist because my girlfriend's little bro is a barber and I make him meticulously hook me up exactly how I like it every time I see him) on the top, but let it taper slightly longer towards the middle so that I can kind of bunch it up like a subtle faux-hawk if I'm actually going to put gel in it. You'd never notice it's longer in the middle until I 'style' it. It's only maybe a half inch variance, but it's a compromise with the lady, who thinks it looks better if I can "do something" with it, rather than just have the straight military look 24/7.
My mother is a hair dresser/barber and all that jazz. Free hair cuts is a lovely perk.


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