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12-11-2012, 02:54 AM
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I can proudly say that I've never had a Facebook. IMO, society was much better before that online monstrosity ever existed. Just like cellphones and Smartphones I have seen first hand members of my family practically addicted to Facebook and I have never understood why. Sure I've used Facebook (without logging in) to check product or game info for things that have interested me and I've checked the Pens Facebook page a few times. But as far as me ever having my own actual page....never.


When Facebook began, sure I'll admit the concept was intriguing. You could use it to keep in touch with old schoolmates, members of your family or friends who don't live in your town anymore, etc. But for the most part now, it's become a cesspool of stupidity. Both my fiancee (who uses Facebook) and I have said, if you really want to see how ridiculous, immature, or just flat out stupid your friends are...just add them on Facebook. It's the fastest way to change your opinion on somebody.

To prove said point, my fiancee has an acquaintance on her FB page that she just keeps as a Facebook friend so she can read what this woman will post just because it's so incrediably ridiculous, nonsensical, or just...beyond moronic. Seriously, some of this stuff that this woman posts falls well beyond the "too much info" or "errrm...dontcha think that's private???" category. It's insane, although it provides some serious comical amusement.

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