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12-11-2012, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
That bus driver on tranzit is a troll. I start running to the bus when it leaves, and when I'm just about there the bus goes into warp speed lol.
Yes he is a troll, but not for that reason. The bus is pre-set to speed up when traveling through the mist. Not by too much, but enough to make it impossible to catch on foot. All part of the challenge I suppose.

If you troll him, (knife him, shoot him, galvaknuckle punch him) he'll do a few things.

1.) Lock the doors
2.) Skip a bus stop
3.) Throws you out and speeds away
4.) throws you out in the middle of the fog and then locks the doors but still stays parked.
5.) Rips all the boards off the windows.
6.) stops, locks the doors, calls the electro boss zombie
7.) One time my friend knifed him to try to make him leave a stop early and the lights in his eyes just completely turned off and the bus was basically unoperational for the next 5 rounds.

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