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Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
He did not overexpand the game. I know there is some snobbery over southern US teams but imo that just stems from bitterness and jealousy over the Cups they have won.

but lets be frank here. Bettman was hired to make the league grow into a major US sport. He has done so wonderfully.

1. The sport itself is growing in non traditional areas. A prime reason that the U18 US team is starting to dominate. Btw, its only going to get worse for Canada from here out. Soon the US will dominate u18 and the olympics year in and year out.

2. League just signed a massive TV deal.

3. League is getting some mainstream US attention.

4. It takes time and slow growth to establish roots.

You cannot grow a professional sport in the USA with only have northern cities. [MOD]

Bettman is an outstanding commish. I hope hes around another 20 years.
I call your B.S. out. Where to start? Growing in non traditional areas? Yes those money losing teams in Anaheim, Phoenix, Nashville, Carolina, Tampa, Florida, Columbus sure have helped to grow the game. That's why NBC broadcasts in these markets...never! If it were not for the success the game has in Canada, including all the merchandising we buy which supports your mirage growth, there would be no equalization to make these teams even remotely feasible...the fans that do exist in these markets are so fickle that a couple of consecutive losing seasons has any of these teams in complete peril...That's not a hockey fan, sorry, that's a bandwagon.

Massive TV deal. $200 million annually from an American network which has access to 23 teams, an amount which is double what the national broadcaster in Canada pays for access to only 7 teams. That's special. Wow next to the $20 billion annually the NFL generates the NHL sure is reaping that cash cow! That is why is the NHL got roasted in TV ratings competing with the NBA playoffs, in spite of a Stanley Cup that featured two of the biggest TV markets in the U.S. The NHL now risks falling behind the MLS in popularity, sure seems like Bettman is working wonders.

So Bettman's legacy of 1)money losing expansion teams, one of which could have been moved to Canada, where it would have been profitable and revered, yet has remained owned by the league, leveraging taxpayer dollars and league subsidies to finance its existence 2) a national TV contract negotiated with the owner of one of his franchises 3) an increase in serious injuries among the star players of the game due to depletion of overall talent and lack of any real vision for the game, and 4) 3 lockouts in his helm is reason to worship him.

Bettman is the worst thing that ever happened to hockey. He sacrificed its roots to build a mirage, which is not sustainable. Officiating is a joke, you get a penalty in today's NHL for lifting a guy's stick, or body checking him solidly. It is blatantly evident that officials are directed to make games close with chintzy penalties to help disadvantaged teams. Most teams are built around special teams now instead of 5 on 5 hockey. He allowed his good friend Mr. Jacobs to buy a Stanley Cup through officiating, and it is no coincidence that since he was serenaded with boos as he handed out the Cup in Montreal in 1993, he has never given the honour back to the country which gave him the Cup in the first place, but has chosen instead to alienate its passionate fans by taking away their teams first, and then taking their money to subsidize his failed experiment. He has made the game more expensive to play, more expensive to watch, and more expensive to attend, but not better, not by my account.

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